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Roles Within Roles

As occupational therapists, we often talk about the roles we take on in our daily lives and the occupations that are part of those roles. A parent feeds their child, changes their diaper and transports them to daycare. A dog owner takes them on walks, to the vet and adds their favorite treats to theContinue reading “Roles Within Roles”

ABCs of OT

Every year on Instagram, Shannen Marie (@shannenmarie_ot) hosts an ABCs of OT challenge to advocate for our profession. The idea is that you post an OT word everyday that starts with each letter of the alphabet to educate on all the wonderful things an OT can do. I participated this year on my Instagram (@hamlinconsulting) with an assistive technology twist! I wanted to compile all the posts in one place, so here it is!

Mental Health and Assistive Technology

As the month wraps up, I wanted to start a discussion on the dynamic between assistive technology and mental health. It’s a great opportunity to highlight how assistive technology can work as both a means and an end to support mental health.

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